book cover Operating System Concepts Essentials
Eight Edition
Avi Silberschatz
Peter Baer Galvin
Greg Gagne

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We provide a set of slides to accompany each chapter. Click on the links below to download the slides in the format of your choice: Powerpoint and PDF slides. We also provide, for each chapter, the entire set of figures in Powerpoint format.

Copyright Note

The slides below are copyright Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2010. The slides are authorized for personal use, and for use in conjunction with a course for which Operating System Concepts is the prescribed text. Instructors are free to modify the slides to their taste, as long as the modified slides acknowledge the source and the fact that they have been modified. Paper copies of the slides may be sold strictly at the price of reproduction, to students of courses where the book is the prescribed text. Any use that differs from the above, and any for profit sale of the slides (in any form) requires the consent of the copyright owners; contact Avi Silberschatz ( to obtain the copyright owners consent.

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Chapter Formats Last Updated
Part 1: Overview
1. Introduction ppt, pdf Jan 8, 2011
2. Operating-System Structures ppt, pdf Jan 14, 2011
Part 2: Process Management
3. Processes ppt, pdf Sep 24, 2013
4. Threads ppt, pdf Jan 27, 2011
5. CPU Scheduling ppt, pdf Feb 12, 2011
6. Process Synchronization ppt, pdf Feb 22, 2011
Part 3: Memory Management
7. Main Memory ppt, pdf March 10, 2011
8. Virtual Memory ppt, pdf March 10, 2011
Part 4: Storage Management
9. File-System Interface ppt, pdf March 31, 2011
10. File-System Implementation ppt, pdf May 19, 2011
11. Mass-Storage Structure ppt, pdf April 18, 2011
12. I/O Systems ppt, pdf April 23, 2011
Part 5: Protection and Security
13. Protection ppt, pdf April 25, 2011
14. Security ppt, pdf May 1, 2011
Part 6: Case Studies
15. The Linux System ppt, pdf May 1, 2011
16. Windows 7 ppt, pdf Jan 3, 2011
A. The FreeBSD System ppt, pdf Nov 25, 2010
B. The Mach System No slides .
C. Windows 2000 ppt, pdf Nov 25, 2010

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